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On sleep and writing and yoga.

I didn’t sleep much last night, but I set an early alarm anyway to squeeze in more writing this morning. I woke up feeling surprisingly refreshed. I have actually been making an effort to time my rest around full sleep cycles and it’s made a difference. I probably got in about four cycles last night, which was just six hours. Not terrible, but I’m happiest when I get like seven and a half. I check the Sleepytime Bedtime Calculator on days when I’m too lazy to do the math myself:

Writing this morning was great fun. I definitely felt a difference in my energy levels and my ability to concentrate, I think thanks to getting those full cycles of rest. It’s lovely to be working on a chapter and then find myself so thrilled by what’s on the page that I can’t help grinning to myself while I work.

Today I was able to hold my bind in Marichyasana D! That was a first. Usually my teacher, Michael, has to push and pull my arms into place, and then I can barely keep my fingers touching. Today he let go of me after helping me into position and then I was able to hold it on both sides. Am feeling awesome and bendy.

At work I am doing the mentorship program offered through HR. My mentor is Ben Schrank who is the Publisher of Razorbill. Today we had another meeting. We talked about a book I’d read in the acquisition phase and then read again at the send-to-galley point. It has been so fascinating to examine the publishing process from his bird’s eye view.

Today was the end of the week for me. Tomorrow I go off to take pictures of my friend who is getting married! It’ll be a lovely four-day weekend.

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