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My legs are finally straightening out during Prasarita Padottanasana. And today Marichyasana D was somehow so much easier — I still needed help binding but it didn’t feel like a struggle, and I didn’t jerk out of it at the end like a broken toy.

I have been doing Prasarita Padottanasana for probably a little over a year. At first I improved very quickly, and then I hit some kind of a wall and couldn’t figure out how to make it work. For several months it became the most frustrating part of my practice, and I had to remind myself not to dread it as the set was coming up.

I have been doing Marichyasana D since the middle of April. When Michael first taught it to me he explained that this is the pose where a lot of people get stuck for a long time. Sometimes several months, sometimes even a couple of years. It was daunting to hear, but I got the message. Everything in this practice is a matter of patience. I had to be ready to wait, but also determined enough to practice every day.

These things remind me not to feel impatient about my writing. These novel edits will come together. These characters will eventually carve themselves out of the page. It’s a matter of time and discipline.

Last Monday I learned Navasana and every time I do it it feels like there’s an earthquake shaking at my core. Only a week and a half later and it already feels so different when I bring my legs upward and start to breathe. It feels hopeful.

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