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I can has apartment!

So hard to believe we’re halfway through 2014. Haven’t posted in a little while just because of all the craziness that’s been going on…

The day before yesterday we officially closed on our apartment! Obviously we had to take a closing selfie with our attorney and our broker:


It only took SIX MONTHS for us to get here. Literally, we started hunting right after New Year’s. Took us two months to find our dream apartment (pretty fast, actually) and then four months to do all the mortgage and legal stuff.

I think if I had thought about the process too much in advance I would’ve been way too overwhelmed and it might never have happened. Instead the entire time I was like “Oh, read these million pages and sign them? Get you all my income and bank stuff from the last X number of months? Cool. Now what?”

(Ironically, I just now bought a beautiful rug for our new living room and when I finished placing the order I stood up and jumped around going, I AM SUCH AN ADULT!)

But anyway, yay! We are officially Brooklyn residents! Now it’s just a matter of actually moving, which will be hell. Which is obviously why I’m sitting here on Independence Day writing this post. Procrastination for the win.

Here’s the view from the new bedroom:


Yup, that is the Verrazano Bridge off in the distance. And right this very moment Loren is in the apartment overseeing the painting (while I’m supposed to be “packing” — which is, you know, pretty much the same thing as writing blog posts and shopping for rugs).

Our bedroom is a wonderful, inspiring blue (Benjamin Moore’s “Serenity”):


And our living room is a bright and sunny yellow (Benjamin Moore’s “Lemon Drops”):


The kitchen will be a deeper, more orange-y yellow (“Nacho Cheese”) and the hallway is a refreshing light green (“Summer Lime”) and the bathroom and ceilings are “White Dove”.

Loren has been sending me pictures (like the above) and I am obsessed. I’ve had all white walls my entire life so this is literally the first time I’ve ever picked colors for my own space!

We move in this coming week. So…I probably should actually go pack.

But wait! A quick writing update:

Even though this month is absolute insanity………..I signed up to do Camp NaNoWriMo. I know. I’m a crazy person.

I only set a new word count goal of 30,000 and I’m already struggling. Part of the problem (aside from really, really having no time for this) is that I’m editing my RU/SS novel right now. And I’ve gotten to the point where I’m not actually writing that many new words. I do have a couple scenes that I know I need to rework from the ground up. But I’m also working through everything else around those scenes. So yeah. We’ll see how I do.

I also keep starting new short stories, which is something my brain has a tendency towards when I’m editing a giant project. The short projects function sort of like buoys in the giant sea of all my writing. They keep me afloat when things start to feel too big and overwhelming. So I let myself hang on to them, but they definitely slow down the revision process.

Alright, alright. Enough procrastinating. Time to put some books in some boxes.

(Loren and I have a whole boxing system. We (by which I mean he, and yes I’m aware these are parentheses within parentheses) put labels with barcodes on every box. So we use his little scanning thingy to scan the barcode and it tracks the box in a spreadsheet where we have detailed descriptions of which rooms the boxes belong in and what they contain and all that. It’ll be convenient for when we’re unpacking, but right now it’s just making me feel extremely lazy. Like…someone come be my assistant and scan these boxes and type descriptions for me.)

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