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Finding time to write; finding ways to refuel.

This is my first post written in our new apartment! I love it here. The space is so much bigger and even though we’re not done unpacking it’s starting to feel like a real home. Such a relief to know that we won’t have to move again for a very long time. It helps that we already love our new neighborhood.

So the last week has been insane but of course I’ve still been working away at this novel in the tiny cracks of time I get. I’ve said this before but I always forget and then relearn it: no chunk of time is ever too small to work on writing. It blows my mind how much I’m able to do in just ten minutes of thinking about the plot arc. Five minutes of scribbling notes on a character’s motivations. If I have fifteen minutes I can actually do a pretty solid writing sprint.

It’s so easy to be like, “Crap, I got out of yoga late so now I only have ten minutes to write before I have to go to work, is it even worth sitting down and pulling out my laptop?”

And most days I push myself to do it because, hey, if I get nothing done then I get nothing done, but if I don’t even sit down and try there’s no chance of anything happening.

And every time I do try, I’m productive. I have never ever walked away from it thinking it was a waste.

This week I also ran into one of those self-created mental walls where I began questioning too many things about this novel and feeling down and anxious. So finally I decided to put a hold on the series of scene rewrites I’d been working on. Instead I went back to the beginning to start line editing and fixing up character stuff. I had forgotten how happy I was with my first few chapters, and rereading them gave me a new burst of energy.

It’s so crucial for me to have at least have one chapter or maybe even just one scene that I’m totally happy with. Because in the times that I doubt the project or start to feel burnt out, that’s what fuels me on. Just by rereading that bit I can remember what it felt like to write it; my excitement for the whole story comes rushing back.

Now it’s time for the really really hard work: making the rest of the novel feel as good as the first four chapters.

I also need to cut. This is 115,000 words right now, and that’s about 15,000 words more than I would like it to be.

As for this month’s Camp NaNoWriMo — I’m behind on my goal by about 5,000 words. I set a pretty low target this month because I knew everything would get derailed by moving. Just 30,000 brand new words is what I’m shooting for — way lower than my goals have ever been in the past, but even so I’ve been struggling. My commute to and from yoga/work has also been longer, shaving off a bit more writing time, so I just have to figure out how to juggle things around this new schedule. But we’ll see how close I can get to hitting 30,000. Ultimately it matters little; any amount of writing and editing is a success.

So here we go. Time to work.

2 thoughts on “Finding time to write; finding ways to refuel.

  1. “I’ve still been working away at this novel in the tiny cracks of time I get. I’ve said this before but I always forget and then relearn it: no chunk of time is ever too small to work on writing.”
    Wonderful advice & a reminder to keep the faith that effort will result in work worth doing. Thanks for posting!


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