Post-NaNoWriMo update.

Re: last post, I finished my most recent “layer” — the one done with a start-to-finish paper edit. NaNoWriMo 2014 was not quite as successful for me as past years if you’re only looking at the final word count: I ended up with 53,004 words of brand new scenes, and at least a third of that material was rendered useless by a big directional change I took halfway in. But word count aside, it was an important month. I had a few key epiphanies that are very much changing how I’m approaching the next draft.

I just finished transferring my edits from paper to computer and incorporating the new scenes. I did a good amount of cutting on this revision — even with the new material worked in I’m now at 115k words, whereas before I was pushing 120k. Proud of myself for making the novel smaller while fleshing out stuff.

The most important thing I gained this last month was patience. I have a new vision for how I want the novel to work; this upcoming rewrite is going to drastically change stuff. I know this next layer is going to take a long time — perhaps longer than any other round of rewrites I’ve ever done. But I’m excited for it. I plan to enjoy myself. And I keep reminding myself: the fun is the important part.

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