My favorite thing that happened on the internet.

It started with Amanda Palmer’s beautiful memoir THE ART OF ASKING releasing into the world. (Go out and buy a copy if you haven’t. It’s a truly fantastic read, important for any artist and any person with the capacity to love. In other words, everyone.)

At the very end of November there was this post-Thanksgiving Amazon promotion going on — 30% off any one book — and Amanda shared the info for people who wouldn’t have been able to afford her memoir at its regular price. Someone tweeted about still not being able to get the book and when Amanda retweeted it, several fans immediately offered to buy a copy as a gift. That set off this amazing chain reaction of people asking for the book and people volunteering to gift the book. Crowd power got everyone onboard Mass Mosaic.

And then, incredibly, this happened:

The Art of Asking

Amazon. Sold out.

What the hell? This amazing crazy network of people was so ready to spread the love (literally, because you cannot read that book without falling in love with Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman and Amanda’s best friend Anthony and every other fan out there in the world reading that book at the same time as you) — they emptied out

Best fucking thing ever. Also, proof that Amanda Palmer has the most amazing community of fans.

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