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Home again, home again.

I’m back from Minneapolis and Austin! Two conferences in a row, whew.


This year’s was definitely the funnest AWP I’ve been to. We got a lot of great traffic at the Bodega table, and I had the chance to connect with some amazing people.


I got picture-fied again for Buzzfeed in this post: 33 Writers Share The Books That Inspired Them To Write.

And my favorite panel was Representing Responsibly: Authors on the Challenges of Writing Diversity for Kids and Teens, featuring a bunch of the awesome folks on the We Need Diverse Books team. I live-tweeted the event — for anyone who might be interested I’ve compiled those tweets into a Storify.


Then as soon as AWP ended I went straight down south to rep Penguin at TLA…which was intense, to say the least. It was my first librarian conference and holy crap it was so much work and so much fun.


Also, while I was away, one of my favorite people in the world sold her debut novel!!! I got the text from her while I was at TLA and started crying, I was so effing happy for her. I’m not allowed to actually tell people details about the deal yet, so no names to be mentioned here now, but I will definitely be bragging all over the planet about her really soon.

For the last two weeks I’ve been on a self-imposed writing break. A hiatus just made sense while I was busy traveling for work (hence the timing of my deadline as mentioned in my last post), plus getting some distance from the story always makes it way easier to spot the problems. I felt super weird about being at a writer’s conference and not writing, but I guess the truth is the work never actually stops. My brain was still churning away, poking at my characters. And I was soaking up all the inspiration and encouragement I encountered, tucking it away for later.

…I did however try my best to maintain my yoga practice. Brought my mat with me and everything. TLA took most of the energy I had, but thanks to Abbi tagging me for the #DetoxYoBody challenge on Instagram I’ve kept up at least a little bit of yoga every day, even through all the craziness! A celebratory, glad-to-be-home Natarajasana variation in front of my bookshelves last night:


So here I am. Done traveling for a little while. Took today off from work to recover from the craziness of the two conferences and do some quality napping. And before I dive back into my writing project and get my regular routine going again I need to set my new goal:

The next deadline is June 30th. There. I’ve typed it out, so it’s real. And what will I have finished? Hopefully a solid second draft of the new iteration of USLS.

Eeeeeek. That’s not very much time, especially given the fact that I’ll be on vacation for two weeks in between now and then. But I’ll try my best.

Oh, and in case you were wondering from my last post, yes, I did go ahead and commission that needle-felted dragon. It is being made for me AS I TYPE. I can’t wait. (Don’t worry, I’ll definitely be showing off pictures of my new writing buddy when I get him.)

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