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Happy summer.

I can’t believe it’s officially summer, and we’re about halfway through 2016. It’s been an intense, wonderful year so far.

Just to do a bit of reflecting: In February I completed my first yoga teacher training, and immediately started actually teaching. In March, I dove headfirst into a second (and even more intense) yoga teacher training. This one will take me all of 2016 and the beginning of 2017 to finish. Spreading my love of the practice has been so incredibly fulfilling, so I’m really glad I’m doing this. And by January I will be RYT 500, which is pretty exciting.

If I’m being perfectly honest with myself, it has been kind of a lot to juggle — this new self-employed author life, the yoga practice, the teacher training. One of my New Year’s resolutions was don’t lose the discipline, and another was be more dedicated to my yoga practice. I really feel like I need to work harder at both of these.

“You’re at the beginning of a new journey,” our teacher said as we started our first round of meditation to kick off the 300-hour advanced training. It was so true in so many ways.

Writing has felt very different this year. I knew in theory that it would be like this, but nothing could have prepared me for actually living it. I look forward to feeling adjusted and grounded again. (Will I ever? Let’s hope.) In the meantime, all I can do is try my best.

At the beginning of this month I participated in my first Overnight Walk organized by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. It was an incredible experience. It was both inspiring and heartbreaking to be surrounded by all these people who had suffered the pain caused by suicide. AFSP gave out beads that were color-coded so that at a glance you could tell: This person lost a spouse. These people lost children. Lost a parent. Lost a friend or relative. Nearly were lost themselves. Before the walk even started I was crying, just looking around and seeing the colors. Seeing the pain. Seeing photographs of lost loved ones printed on t-shirts.

Unfortunately I couldn’t finish the walk. In a case of horrible timing it poured rain as the walk began, and I was forced to take out my orthotics (which can’t get wet). I thought I would just put them back in when the rain stopped, but it came down so hard my shoes filled with water, so that I ended up not being able to put them back at all. I went as far as I could without the orthotics, but then the excruciating pain came creeping into my feet and up my IT band, and I had to stop. I’m really hoping that the next time the walk is in New York I can do it again, and finish.

Last week was my husband’s birthday so I surprised him with a day trip up to Beacon. We went to the Dia:Beacon museum, and the very first thing we saw when we walked in was the I Ching exhibit: giant pieces of steel laid out in perfect lines against bright red, measuring nearly 10,000 square feet and filling up two huge rooms. A sculpture by the artist Walter De Maria. It made me feel like I was there at the right time. Like the things in my life were happening at the correct pace.

Afterward, we ate lunch at a Doctor Who-inspired cafe and spent some time wandering around town. I treated myself to a new ring: a turquoise pyramid set in gold vermeil. I’m calling it my editing ring.

What a lovely way to begin the season.


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